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You make the call: Global or Technical Only (TC/PC)

Choose the billing option that best works for you!

With Technical-only testing, we perform the technical component of a test and you provide the interpretation (professional component). This allows the pathologists to effectively manage patient care and increase revenue by taking advantage of cutting-edge technology without having to invest in the operations of an esoteric laboratory.

Ascend Genomics offers tests within ALL methodologies as technical only:

  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (FISH)
  • Molecular

In order to streamline billing and operational processes and deliver timely results to our clients and patients, certain guidelines are recommended when submitting specimens for technical only testing:

Ordering Tests

When selecting a test on the requisition, be sure to indicate a technical only level of service:

Submitting Materials

When submitting solid tumor samples for FISH or Molecular technical-only testing, be sure that the FFPE tissue block or unstained slides are accompanied by an H&E-stained slide that matches the block or unstained slides exactly. This H&E-stained slide should have the area of interest circled by the ordering physician. Having the ordering physician circle the area of interest ensures that the person interpreting and delivering the results is the same person who selected the cells for analysis. Additionally, our clients are able to bill and be reimbursed for this process, thereby increasing their revenue.

Technical Only Level of Service

The interpretation of the test will be performed by the client. Test methodologies offered as Technical-only include:

  • IHC
  • Flow Cytometry
  • FISH
  • Molecular

Converting to Global

We understand scheduling and workloads can change quickly. Tests ordered as Technical-only can be converted to Global at any time through the Ascend PathCheck portal or by contacting Client Services. In order to ensure that we are delivering the highest quality results to our patients and that we are billing properly for processes performed by our laboratory, there are a few situations where testing would be required to convert to a Global level of service:

  • Classical Cytogenetics
  • In the event that a solid tumor specimen is received without an accompanying circled H&E slide indicating the area of interest, Ascend will create and/or circle the H&E slide, and the case will be converted to global.

It is the goal of Ascend Genomics to process all technical only samples with the service level requested and we thank you for your understanding and accommodation of these scenarios in which it is in the best interest of the patient to convert a case to a Global service level.

We understand scheduling and workloads can change quickly. Cases ordered at a technical service level can be converted to Global at any time through the Ascend PathCheck portal or by contacting Ascend Client Services.

Global Level of Service

An Ascend Genomics hematopathologist will perform the interpretation of the test.